Glowacki Engineering is committed to providing each of its clients with a vessel that meets the unique specifications they require.

Below is a listing of a few of the vessels we have designed.

70' Z-Drive Tugboat
Vessel features Ulstein azimuthing thrusters.

Double Skin Tank Barge
20,000 Barrel Capacity

155' Aluminum Crew Boat
Vessel features 5 screws
Carries 180 LT of cargo
and 35000 gallons of diesel fuel.


220' Coastal Cruise Ship
100 passengers in 50 cabins.
Florida Gulf Coast Corporation.

190' Aluminum Motor Sailing Yacht
Vessel is fully ABS Classed.

80' Aluminum Motor Yacht
Modern motor yacht design
USCG approved to carry passengers for hire.

30' Aluminum Passenger Vessel
Vessel is a cruise ship's tender designed to carry 24 passengers from ship to shore.

40' OSV Stretch
Designed 40' plug to lengthen
(two) 200' OSV's to 240',
including new liquid mud tanks.

Designed 400'x100'x22' barge specifically to carry a
1700 mt shear leg crane for American Bridge/Fluor, A Joint Venture.

2500 Ton Floating Dry Dock
Dock is 230' long on deck with
80' between wing walls.

286' Steel Car Ferry
Vessel operates over a 16 mile route
on Long Island Sound with 75 cars
and 1000 passengers.

1200 Ton Floating Dry Dock
Dock is 120' long on deck with
60' between wing walls.

110' Catamaran
Cruise Ship Passenger Tender

Features Ulstein azimuthing thrusters.
Vessel carries 500 passengers from
ship to shore.